Children's Package 9 includes: Diastasis Rehab Belly Button Boogie®  Video, Belly Button Boogie Guidebook & Diastasis Rehab Splint. 

There are now two different model splints.  The original and the new one for children and people with a short torso. The original model is 8 inches tall and has 3 arms. The short torso splint is 6 inches tall and has 2 arms. 

This revolutionary video will teach children the research-based Tupler Technique® Program- the only program that focuses on belly bonding (closing separated muscles). Once children learn how to strengthen the abdominal muscles correctly, they will then learn how to use these muscles during activities of daily living and while exercising or doing sporting activities. Children can start this program as early as 5 years old. The Belly Button Boogie Guidebook is a summary of all the exercises in this video. It is not a substitute for the video.

The purpose of the Splint is to “position” both the connective tissue and the muscles. It takes the stretch off the connective tissue putting it in a better position to heal. By bringing the muscles closer together you are able to feel your muscles working better thus making the exercises more effective as they will move in a backward position instead of sideways.  Our splint will not weaken your abdominal muscles. The purpose of other abdominal binders is 'compression' or bringing your abdominals back towards your spine. That is the job of you innermost transverse abdominal muscle. Once you strengthen your transverse muscle with the
Tupler Technique® exercises your transverse muscle can be your compression binder! 

Wearing a Diastasis Rehab Splint® is just ONE of the 4 steps of the Tupler Technique® Program.  You must do the other 3 steps taught in the Diastasis Rehab video to close your diastasis recti. The guidebook then supports you in doing the program on a daily basis. If you are just wearing the splint and not doing the exercises you will not close your Diastasis. You need to wear the splint until the connective tissue is shallow. 

Please wear the splint all the time. Even when you sleep. Take it off to bathe for 15 minutes. If you broke your leg you would have to wear the cast all the time to continuously keep the two separated ends of the bone together so they heal. It is the same with connective tissue. You must continuously keep it in the same narrow position so it heals.  You will know it has healed when it is shallow and you can't feel the muscles grabbing your fingers when you check it. 


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Children with Diastasis Recti

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