This package has got it all Momma! 18 Week Diastasis Program, 30 Day Transformation Meal Plan (with healthy, mouth watering recipes) and a 12 week Diastasis Friendly Workout to top off your Diastasis Transformation Journey! I've got you covered!! It's time to invest in yourself, it's not selfish, it's self love.


18 Week Diastasis Program:


6 Week Diastasis Healing Program

During this program, I will assess and guide you in three, one hour sessions over the first six weeks. At the beginning of week one, again at the end of week three and lastly in week six. I will also see you for four, 15-minute belly checks in weeks 9, 12,15 and 18 to check your progress. In week one I will check you for a diastasis, take your 'before' photos, review the 4 steps of the Tupler Technique® so you have correct posture and are doing the belly breathing, show you how to perform the exercises and how to get up and down correctly. I will also make sure you are putting on the splint correctly. For the second session, held at the end of week three, you will learn how to double splint while doing the seated exercises and also learn how to do the head lifts exercise. In week six you will learn how to incorporate the Tupler Technique® into an exercise routine and how to modify your individual routine to maintain the gains you have made with the program so it is 'diastasis safe'.


30 Day Transformation Meal Plan

You know you want to start eating healthier but are so lost in the world of diets & health advice that you don't know where to begin. Let me help you gain some knowledge, get started in the right direction, take the thinking out of it and start creating healthy habits that will benefit you for a lifetime to come. From knowledge on how to pair and prepare certain foods to information on what nutrients some foods actually contain. This plan contains so many delicious recipes for the whole family and four weeks of meal plans to help you lay it all out.


12 Week Diastasis Friendly Workout

Now that you have food lined up, diastasis knowledge in check and started the 6 Week Diastasis Healing Program, what comes next? The 12 Week Diastasis Friendly Workout that you can do in your own home, needing minimal equipment such as; dumbbells, loop resistance bands, and a Dyna Band. Learning how to use your transverse in exercise will be taught to you at the six week mark so you can go back to physical exercise that is not causing more damage to your Diastasis.


At the end of these 18 weeks you feel more confident, healthier, stronger...a rejuvenated you. Momma, this plan will make you smile when you envision yourself in a bikini. No more worries about "mummy tummy", bloating or looking weak. You can now feel like yourself again. The young, spunky you!

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18 Week Diastasis Program

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18 Week Individual Intensive Course
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