What % of selfish are you?

When I hear a momma called selfish, because she wanted an evening out away from the kids or a trip to the spa to be pampered, I think WTF? Comments like "if she was good mom, she wouldn't need a break" or "if I had kids I would never do that" or "the kids should always come first!" Perfection is expected, unrealistic expectations are hung, but who created these labels and why would anyone think she is being selfish or that she isn't a good mom?

This is Self-Care

I hate how we mommas are pegged as selfish when we decide that we need a little time to ourselves. Juggling the household, work, kids, extra-circular activities and a partner. You can get wiped of energy fast and sometimes the only way to reboot is to get away from all the mayhem. When scheduling 'me time,' I hear people say "why would do that, don't you think you should be spending time with your kids?" Have you ever heard of the concept 'when your cup is full and overflowing you have more to give than if you are always running on half empty?'

Love yourself

Mommas, there is no need to succumb to the criticism and feel selfish or feel guilty for wanting to get away. As women, we are genetically hardwired to take care of everyone else first, which often leaves us tired and running at the back of the pack. I know the pile of dishes is eating you alive, the toys and the dirt on the floor are making your eye twitch, but how do you think you would be better equipped to handle these situations and life in general? Let me tell you, it's not being wrapped up in it all day, having time for nothing else, not even yourself. You need to do YOU! You need to schedule yourself some 'me time' EACH DAY, and write that shit down in pen!

Take care of you, so you can give more to others

Taking care of you means you will show up stronger, happier and more involved in the moment, rather than just limping by, reaching for that jolt of caffeine, and hoping to get through the day. Take time to go to the gym, wake up before the house of chaos starts its day, meditate, relax at the spa, unwind with girls at yoga, or venture out on a walk by yourself to just think without some saying "Why" or "Mom."

Everyone will be fine!

Take comfort in knowing that this is you showing your family, your children, how you respect your body and your life. You are showing them how to respect and honour the life you were given, rather than being a slave to others. You are not a maid, you are Mom with a capital M. Family is a team and when one player on the team needs a break to rejuvenate the other players need to be there to back them up.

"Self-care is giving the world the best of you, instead of what's left of you."

- Katie Reed

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