Shh! It's the SH*T we are not supposed to talk about.

So, do you have trouble maker? I mean like troubles going to the washroom? Does constipation frustrate the shit out of ya (lol, you wish hey?!?!) When constipated, you tend to have to use a little bit more force, this force comes from the abdominal region. Most people fill their belly with air and bear down BUT this Valsalva maneuver is soooo hard on our insides. Creating all that pressure can cause hernias, pelvic prolapse and create a wider Diastasis or create a Diastasis if you don't already have one. In my Diastasis Individual Course we go over this and how to breathe through it properly, so you do not create any more pressure. The techniques you will learn are also good for those having abdominal surgery, c-section, and day-to-day living. This is the shit (pun intended) they need to teach you! I had two c-sections and no one went through with me how to go to the washroom properly again after or after my hernia surgery (that is a story for another day.) These things are very important and I am more than glad to share them with you.

However, I am writing this post to give you a little remedy to combat the constipation from the inside-out. Our bodies CRAVE routine. Get up in the morning, drink a glass or two of water then drink this bad boy of a drink down. As you create routine with your body, using the washroom at the same time every day, your body will just do what it needs to do and it won't be such a struggle ;)

Loosen that SHIT UP Drink:

4-6 oz prune juice

2-4 oz of water

1/4-1/2 freshly squeezed lemon

2tbsp of wheat or oat bran.

Also remember to drink lots of water!! Aim for 12 (8oz) glasses a day.

Thanks & Talk to you Soon.


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