Oh ya! Rock on with the big "O" ;)

I know what you're thinking! "What the hell is going on? This is not a topic of discussion!" People tend to keep their sex lives very zipped up, a top notch secret, but can I be honest with you? I think the female orgasm is a beautiful blessing! The build up of intense excitement, euphoric pleasure, and then BAM! The release can feel wonderful after a long hard day; enjoy a hot bath, read a good book, have a couple orgasms and all of sudden you sleep like a baby, right? Well, there is more to it than that, but the answer... YES! YES! YES!

The Female Orgasm.

One of the hormones released when you have an orgasm is serotonin, the hormone everyone wants, the "feel good" hormone. Give me some more of where that came from!! It helps relieve stress, making you feel on top of the world and you benefit from it for days to follow. When you have an orgasm, the blood vessels dilate, blood rushes around the body and this my friend gives you that sexy, youthful glow. That glow is caused by wonderful nutrients being transported to your skin, improving your complexion. As you get older DHEA (a hormone released by the adrenal glands) declines with age, this hormone helps with brain health, skin function & immune function. Nowadays many anti-aging supplements contain DHEA. After an orgasm, levels of DHEA in your bloodstream soar up to 5x their normal limit, giving you a youthful boost for FREE. Umm free youth? Yes please! Excuse me while I step out and get me some of that!

Feeeels soooo gooood!

Here are a few more benefits of the hormone cocktail released during your blissful climax:

Oxytocin - the love hormone, has a calming effect, countering the effects of cortisol (fight or flight response, stress), sharpen your intuition, reduce social anxiety

Norepinephrine - helps create melatonin, which regulates normal sleep-wake cycles and balances overall stress response in the body

Vasopressin- often released with melatonin, increases sleep quality, helps create relaxion response along with oxytocin

Prolactin - helps improve immune system, supports great sleep (prolactin levels are naturally higher during sleep) and an improved quality of life. Also gives a more satiating orgasm. (This hormone is not just for pregnancy & breastfeeding)

Worth it!

Now, while pleasing your man can be rewarding on its own, I don't want you ladies to be thinking you are second to your men. None of this "Oh, I'd better please my man, before myself." Screw that! Women don't need a refractory period after climaxing, meaning we can have multiple orgasms, so whoever said too much of a good thing was a bad thing...screw em! Go to funky town before you lay your head to rest every night (at least once a week), there are so many health benefits, from living longer and feeling less stressed, to looking younger and being more fertile, not to mention the amazing quality of sleep you will get. In other words, to improve sleep quality, have a big fucking orgasm!

Go on, enjoy an orgasm or two, or three. Whatever strikes your fancy Momma! Tap into the fountain of youth and get a good nights sleep. In the words of Fifth Harmony "baby I am worth it!"

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