I found the wrong man under my sink.

A couple weeks ago I was cleaning under the kitchen sink, making room for some new products and when I reached way to the back, I found a massive jug of neon yellow cleaner.... Mr. Clean. Oh my goodness, how did this make the move with us 5 years ago to this home? This was gifted to us in 2007 when my hubby and I moved into our first home. Back then when you smelled Mr. Clean, you pictured sparkles!

Pet Peeve

When I hear the words Comet, Mr. Clean or Bleach, not going to lie, I throw up in my mouth a little. When someone says the word Comet, I actually picture the TV show 'My Strange Addictions' and the episode where a lady ate this stuff everyday! She would dab it on her fingers, and lick it off. Have you ever cleaned with these products? If you have, you know that chemical smell that burns inside of your nostrils, oh it makes my skin crawl! That being said, I am not sure how Mr. Clean made the move with us, but I have not used him. Actually, I have not used any of these cleaning products in over 10 years!!


It's that time of year! Spring cleaning, opening windows and letting the fresh breeze in. I love me a good cleaning frenzy, "once you pop, you can't stop." LOL There is no better feeling then getting down in those utensil drawers and cleaning the crumbs out, dusting those light fixtures that have cobwebs on them or those grimy windows that you can't see out of anymore. There is so much dirt & dust that collects as we are cooped up all winter and Spring cleaning is the perfect detox for the body, soul and home. Nothing feels better than ridding yourself of unwanted clutter, getting a fresh start, and great smelling home that takes the stress away.

Skin Absorbs

So, you are in your cleaning frenzy, whipping chemicals around, splashing them all over every surface of your home. This shit is coming to you from all sides now, you are breathing it, ingesting it, and your skin is absorbing it through every pore. Do you realize how porous our skin is? Anything we put our hands into, touch, or rub into our skin is absorbed into our bodies. When you cannot pronounce the endless list of chemicals on your bottle of cleaner you are using, what do you think it is doing to your insides? Thinking of having a baby? These cleaners are absorbing right into that tiny human and affecting every cell division that is taking place, it can lead to a slough of birth defects. The placenta can prevent the passage of some harmful chemicals but not all and if some of these chemicals pass during a critical period of development it causes irreversible damage.

No more Men under my sink.

When I decided to have kids, I couldn't fathom using anything but natural cleaning supplies. I wanted to take care of mine and my family's health. I realized I wanted to prevent the aging of my skin, have healthier insides and live life for along time. It was important to me to take care of my family inside and out. Knowing how these chemicals can have irreversible effects was enough to make me switch my cleaning products immediately. It was time to go back to the basics! Cleaning with water, natural products such as tea tree oil or vinegar and products such as Norwex that contain micro silver, known as BacLock® technology.

Toxic Symptoms

Do you have: headaches, fatigue, behaviour changes, mood swings, nervousness, confusion, depression, loss of sex drive, skin rashes, coughing wheezing, nausea, and more? If you are feeling symptoms from the aforementioned list, I challenge you to reevaluate what you clean your home with. I highly suggest doing a little personal detox by revamping your cleaning regimen and what better time to start than with this year's spring clean. If you are interested in learning more about products for your home that make cleaning fun, easy & chemical free. I suggest you check out one of my favorite places to buy cleaning products from www.lexykullman.norwex.biz

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