Have you ever hit your glass ceiling?

As I sit here with my second cold in two months, it has me thinking more and more about what is bothering me, what is truly getting to me that my body has decided I need to rest. Have you ever noticed when your anxiety & stress levels are running on high, your body feels like it hits a wall or you are riding the wave of happiness until it suddenly feels like you are thrown off into the dirt.

Wall is up, here comes the dirt.

I have fought off anything that has tried to get me all winter, there was no time to be sick. I was studying, traveling, taking care of kids and working a full time job. However, when my anxiety reaches its peak, I subconsciously know I need a time out. Guess what? I get sick!

Time Out

I love the theory in The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks that if we are living into our greatness we won't get sick. Really think about it, when you have become uncomfortable with a situation, you may experience an "upper limit problem" and hit "the glass ceiling." That invisible barrier keeping you from what you want or what you're trying to achieve. We hold ourselves back from our greatness in fear that we will fail. Think about how you can be in pure bliss, on top of the world, then all of a sudden something bad happens and boom...there's that ceiling.

Riding high

I was riding a high, pulling my business together, making dreams into goals then my stress level hit a high that was way higher than it has been in along time and I lost my path. So, my body decided it was time for a time out. Slow down, rest, take a second and breath. I used this time to listen to my intuition, meditate, realign my course and have faith that I can succeed.

Can you accept?

We, as a society, need to help each other feel happiness and relish in each others accomplishments. We need to stop feeling jealous of one another and realize that when one has accomplished a goal, we too can accomplish a goal. So, break your glass ceiling, live into your greatness and accept all the good that comes your way. No! There is no bad coming with it, you are doing great, plain & simple. Enjoy it! Don't allow the stress gremlins to take over.

"When you dare to make the leap from your comfort zone into the unknown realm of genius, the universe conspires to help you." - Gay Hendricks

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