Greek Paradise

Do you struggle making "snacks" for yourself? I love snacks, and with my workout routine I eat so often that healthy snacks are a must! I want to share one of my go to choices made with Plain Greek Yogurt. Many embrace yogurt as an aid in digestion and don't realize that there are billions to trillions of good bacteria living in our microbiome (bacteria in our gut) that feed off the cultures in yogurt. This doesn't mean your oh so sweeeet yogurts that taste like chocolate or cherries, I am talking good old Plain Greek Yogurt. The added nutrients to your yogurt is just not the same, it's usually synthetic and our body can not absorb it the same as the real nutrients. The artificial flavouring is packed with so many unwanted calories coming straight from sugar. We depend on our microbiome to help us digest our food, produce vitamins, help regulate our immune system and protect us from disease. We need to feed it the good stuff! I am a big believer in buying Plain Greek Yogurt and flavouring it myself. WAIT!! let me repeat that, FLAVOURING it myself. I do not eat this stuff plain....unless you dig that weird not quite sour, but not quite right taste...go right to it then, eat it all up! I prefer to add a little Stevia to at least take the edge off, however my favourite thing to do with Greek Yogurt is to make it into what I would call my ice cream treat.

Get ready to be blown away!

-125g Plain Greek Yogurt

-1 tbsp. almond butter

-1 scoop of your favorite vanilla protein powder

-Mix all that together (you can leave it overnight)

-Then in the morning a couple hours before I want to eat my snack I add:

-Frozen Strawberries (small handful) on top of my premixed yogurt.

Let them thaw a little so they are not rock hard and the juices are starting to flow.

-When I am ready to eat I crush up the strawberries and mix them into my yogurt and presto a sweet treat!

So embrace your inner Greek Goddess and get out there and try some Plain Greek Yogurt. Reward your body and try something new, you will be pleasantly surprised!