Does your belly button pulse?

In getting the word out about Diastasis, so many people have told me they don't have a Diastasis or that they just a really small one. When I ask them why they think that, the general answers are "oh my stomach doesn't look like that" pointing to a picture I have on a slideshow or "when I check it is maybe only one finger wide."


While they question themselves out loud that this could be a problem, I tend to glance down at someones belly and I almost always see that they mostly like have one. One of the first things I see is the bulging belly and it is usually followed by terrible posture. When pregnant you stand with your shoulders rounded over causing a curve in the upper back, then your lower back is pulled forward by the weight of the baby, creating a mean looking S-shape. Many women continue to carry this posture for years after child birth.

I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes, I saw the sign


1. Lay down on your back, knees bent and raise your head off the ground. Do you see a half football like bulge come out of the middle of your tummy? I used to see mine every time I took off a sports bra or lean back in the bathtub. The arching of the back flares the ribs and it can cause the belly to dome, even when you are just standing. I have even heard of people mistaking this half-football like bulge as a tumor.

2. An outie belly button. The connective tissue is the weakest at the belly button and if the muscles don't come together properly or get separated for other reasons you will see umbilical hernias or belly buttons that stick out. There is a difference between just a little extra scar tissue (previous surgeries or umbilical cord clamping) and a protruding belly button.

3. Pulsing in the belly button, above it or below it. This means the connective tissue is extremely weak and you are very close to your organs, hence feeling pulsing A.K.A your heart beat. This can be dangerous as your organs are essentially unsupported & exposed.

Easy as 1, 2, 3!

You can sometimes have all of the above or just one. I did have the half football like bulge and the pulsing. My belly button had become flat looking, almost like you could see the inside of it, no longer feeling hidden. These checks above are a good indication of a severely wide & weak Diastasis, but you do not have to have any of these either to have a Diastasis. It all depends on your body.

Now that you have a little direction of what to look and feel for, keep a eye on your core when you get off the couch, out of the bath tub and when you get out of bed. You may notice things you have come to believe were your "new normal."

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