This should never happen to you.

I was sitting there in my desk chair, listening away to an audio book, when it clicked! Have you ever heard the Proverb:

Ask, and it shall be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

Most of you have probably heard this in some form or another. If you have been relishing in self help, abundance and manifesting books, you most likely have. Forever I have heard this over and over and I find myself sitting here like "damn, I keep asking but nothing is happening." That is when I realized, I am asking the wrong questions.

Wrong Question? How?

Let me start by explaining some of the questions you keep asking and don't realize how you are pulling the wrong things towards you. You are feeling tired of pushing and striving for more, always putting yourself out there but feeling like nothing will ever give you a break, a one up in life. Then you sit down and you say: "Why can't I ever get ahead?" "Why can't I just get a break?"

Guess what?

Do you see the question that was asked? "Why can't I ever get ahead?" Now, as a natural part of being human, you have to find an answer to this question. You threw it out there, now its time to come up with a solution. So your brain starts compiling reasons about why you are stuck and will never move forward. Then you asked "Why can't I just get a break? " You did it again! You asked the question and it is time to solve the problem. So you start doubting yourself, coming up with solutions to your problems and begin the journey down the path of negativity, bringing the wrong answers into your life.

Have you ever found that when one thing goes wrong, everything else starts to go wrong? Or perhaps you have heard the saying "bad things come in three's," so you wait for the other shoe to drop? STOP! It does not. Shit happens, but you need to look at it a different way. Shift your perspective, ask different questions and you just might find different answers.

To the problem above you could have asked:

"Why do I always achieve whatever I desire?"

"Why do all the riches of life come to me?"

Affirmation or Afformation?

When my question problem clicked, I had an epiphany! I was knocking at the wrong doors with the wrong questions, of course what I want to open upon to me is not going to be there, I am seeking the wrong things. Many people tell themselves affirmations such as "I am successful", "I am so lucky, ' but they don't realize that their brain just doesn't seem convinced. I too, have struggled with this! This is where Afformations by Noah St. John comes in. I would affirm away, but then something bad would happen or cause upset in my life and I would ask:

"Why do I have such bad luck?"

"Why can't I lose these last 5 lbs?"

"Why am I so weak?"

"Why can't I be successful?"

So many questions!! However, all the wrong ones, searching for all the wrong answers.

Since discovering afformations, each night before bed, I write a few questions down to give my brain something to ponder while I sleep.

"Why am I so lucky?"

"Why have I been able to achieve the body I desire?"

"Why am I so strong?"

"Why am I so successful?"

I write down the questions to certain parts of my life I am working on at the time. Sometimes it is focusing more on my health, other times its on my career & finances or spirituality.

Noah St. John has written a wonderful book where he has broken afformations down step by step providing further detail for you so you can work on different areas of your life and learn how to ask the right questions.

If you have noticed that you seem to be asking all the wrong questions and have not been achieving all your hopes & dreams. I highly recommend the read, perhaps you will find YOUR afformations!

See Link to Book on Amazon.