A Rhythm within...not a morning person?

Today I was in awe over the morning sunrise, it's my favorite part of the morning. Watching the sky come to life, being painted like a magnificent masterpiece each morning. With the soft blues being wisped amongst the most complimenting, vibrant pinks. While the oranges cascade out and nearly blind you but at the same time light your internal fire letting you know you have been blessed with the opportunity to see another day. Another day to achieve your dreams, learn, share with others and bask in life itself.

While I was indulging in this sunrise it made me realize how many people would rather not wake in the morning. Some can sleep well into the day nearing lunch, however these people can stay awake into the late hours of the night. I am an early riser, my internal clock is a 4:30-5:30 am rise, but I am also early to bed. I enjoy retiring to my room around 9 pm to do some journaling, reading, a hot bath perhaps, then snuggle up in my bed, ready to take in a good nights sleep by 10 pm.

So why fight what your body wants? Some people have no choice, they have to get up and go to work way before they are mentally prepared to do so. Each of our bodies has what is called a Circadian Rhythm, a sleep cycle for our brain that tells us when to be alert, when to be sleepy and releases hormones into our body accordingly. So if you find you are super productive at certain times of the day and other times you are like "don't ask me anything my brain is not working", this could have something to do with your circadian rhythm. Dr. Breus has observed that everyone has a slightly different rhythm and has broken it down into four different chronotypes. These chronotypes are Bear, Lion, Wolf & Dolphin. Working with your type can benefit you in many ways, from when to have the best sex, to when to go out for a great run, asking for a raise and getting it, etc.

You can do Dr. Breus free quiz at https://thepowerofwhenquiz.com/

I have learned I fall into the Lion category - wakes early, go-getter, the leaders, fizzle out in the evening and turn in early. Yep sounds like me!

Anyways you can find out more about you and your type when doing the quiz and reading his book The Power of When. Just a little tid bit of info, if you feel like you are constantly fighting certain parts of the day, work with it

instead of against it.

Life is getting up an hour early, to live an hour more!


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