A story of transformation

Meet Candace

I am a mother of two who has found a desire to be healthier and stronger. I never was physically active growing up. I hated gym class all the way through high school, skipped it whenever I could. I wasn't overweight but soon after graduating and moving out on my own I gained 10-15 lbs while attending college. You ate, you worked, you studied, and you got through. After graduating and starting a new life with my husband I soon became pregnant. Not really conscious of what I was eating, but being driven by what I was craving. I gained just over 50 lbs with my first child in 2009, and 35 lbs with my second child in 2011. Between the two pregnancies I knew there had to be a change, so I started working out, still not caring what I ate or drank. It wasn't until after my second child that I tried to take my health to the next level.

I started running, doing work out videos here and there and dabbled in starting to figure out what foods were maybe a healthier choice than others. I lost weight and weighed less than I did before my first pregnancy but never felt strong. After approximately a year and a half of all cardio and no weights, I couldn't get over how tired I was feeling, I could fall asleep in a split second and I learned I was very low on iron. This made me start thinking about what I was eating and what I thought was healthy. I tried to include iron rich foods in my diet and control my cravings for chips. I started changing my workouts to include programs I could do at home that incorporated weights to build up strength. During this time I noticed a change in how I was feeling and how my body was starting to look but I knew I could do better. I soon learned about counting macronutrients to balance my diet. I didn't realize how high some foods were in carbohydrates and how lacking in protein I was.

After doing this for a couple months,  I realized "this is it"! I want to know more. I started reading about food and was interested in anything I could get my hands on, there is so much out there people don't know. I needed to share it. So in the spring of 2016 I decided to further my education and study Holistic Health. While balancing  a full time job, 2 kids, being a wife, training for my first bikini competition, and becoming a business owner with Innovative Protein Nutrition, I finally completed my studies & received my Diploma in October of 2017 becoming a Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach. Knowing a lot about food is great but how can I really help people become healthier? That desire made me dive further into my studies and become a Certified Fitness Trainer in April 2018. BUT that wasn't good enough, I need to stand out and find my niche in the industry. After helping clients and battling the same problem myself, I studied to help women, men & children with their Diastasis Recti. Becoming a Certified Tupler Technique® Professional in December of 2018. 


​I am beyond excited to put all my knowledge together by helping restore & rejuvenate the human core to the way nature intended it to be; STRONG, FUNCTIONING & SUPPORTIVE.