When your outermost abdominal muscles separate, the connective tissue (linea alba) joining these muscles gets stretched sideways causing it to become thinner and weaker, therefore it cannot effectively support your belly button, back and organs. To have a strong core, your muscles must be close together.  

TruFit uses the worldwide, leading, and medically-proven Tupler Technique® to prevent and heal abdominal separation.

Developed by Julie Tupler, who Dr. Oz calls "an expert on treating Diastasis Recti."

"Life is a journey that must be travelled no matter how bad the roads and accommodations." 

Let me start approximately 10 years ago. There I lay in my bathtub pregnant with the first, my belly is large and in charge, and as I sit up I notice this alien-like bulge come out of my belly. What was that? Baby? Nope! Seemed like something was wrong with my abs. However, not knowing anything about Diastasis Recti or being pregnant, I didn't think of it again. Until...

Approximately a year after having my second child. I just didn't feel right, my belly did weird things, for example: it would dome funny with an alien-like bulge when I would sit up from a back lying position or take off a wet sports bra. When laying on my back I could see my skin sink away into a crevice down my stomach. I asked the doctor what was wrong with me and she told me I had a Diastasis Recti and the only way to fix it was to go for surgery but it would most likely come undone.

So, life goes on thinking "this is it, this is what I get for having kids. I am 26 years old and I am broken forever." What a depressing, self-conscious feeling to have sit with you ever day! I continued to try and do all I could to get in shape but was still looking pregnant. The bloating and constipation were constant. I could not consume food without my belly blowing up and it was such a pain to try and suck in all the time. All I could think is "I still have how many years to live like this?"

Not going to lie, I believe I had postpartum depression that I never dealt with and then I was stuck in a body that didn't feel like it was mine. Soon I was at the doctor and she suggested I start taking medication to help deal with the depression & anxiety. It felt like everything in my world was crumbling down. After filling the prescription and taking it home, I stared at the bottle of pills for a long time and that is when I decided, "there has to be a better way." I bought a set of weights and took to home workouts trying to build muscle. I threw myself into learning about food being thy medicine. I fell in love with this new-found world, muscles starting to develop, feeling better and slowly watching the depreesion & anxiety disappear. Although I was far from cured, I was getting better on the inside as well as the outside.

In 2017 I decided I was going to take my fitness to the next level and compete in a bikini competition. My prep started, I joined a local gym and the first thing I did was ask what to do about my Diastasis Recti. Well, not to my surprise, everyone looked at me with a puzzled look asking "what is that?" So, needless to say, I was on my own again. I took to Google and found exercises that closed it a bit, which managed to get rid of the huge alien-like bulge, but the Diastasis was still there. I may have had abs but I felt so weak and still just didn't feel quite right. 

During my desperate search for information, I became a Holistic Health Coach & Certified Fitness Trainer the following year and kept hearing women complain about the same issue I had! They had the "mummy tummy" that never went away, constipation, bloating, back pain, etc. So, I decided I was going to help myself, and other women and there must be another way besides surgery to help heal a Diastasis Recti. That's when I found the Tupler Technique® and knew I had to teach it. Women deserve confidence, strength and to feel supported. By healing my own body through exercise I  have never felt better and my abdominals now move the way they are supposed to!


"Invest in your mind. Invest in your health. Invest in yourself."

Hope is here for everybelly®

The NON-SURGICAL approach to healing abdominal separation.

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